The Secret Teaching's of The Dark Side of Speed Hitting: "The Forbidden Hard-Fist, Hard-Hand, Push-Button" Pressure-Points, Nerve-Cavity & Dim-Mak Control Tactics!

"You Cannot Buy This Advanced Nerve-Cavity Material Unless You Promise Not to Use it!"

The Power of the Dark-Side of Dim-Mak Training!

He Thought He Could Push Me Around, And Make Fun of me---His 3 Friends Laughed When I Told Him To Back Off---Then He pulled the knife.

But When I Did a "Hard-Hand Push-Button" Pressure-Point-Strike, The Knife Dropped From his Numb Fingers...and Their Grins Turned to Amazement!


When you are in a situation you want tactics that sets-up your opponent. Skills that stop-them instantly, smoothly, and effortlessly.

Will Your Jujitsu or Kung-fu Stand the Psychotic-Tough-man test?

Dear fellow Martial Artist,

You are reading a letter I never thought I would write.

However, the number of calls and requests from the "Kenpo Karate Master-Key Forum" asking me to allow them to purchase The Dark-Side Push-Button Dim Mak DVD set keeps growing.

It is the hottest, most powerful set of Advanced Speed-Hitting Dim-Mak, Poison-Hard-Hand materials I have ever produced.

I did this set for my own advanced clients, and I never thought I would ever let these Hard-Fist, Hard-Hand Push-Button Dim Mak DVD's out to other black belts.

Several years ago I noticed that many good students did well in class but could NOT defend themselves on the street.

So what I did for them was give them 5 techniques to STOP-THEM-COLD, and another 5 techniques to stop them permanently.

They are considered "evil", "brutal" and the "Dark-Side" of martial arts training by many "sport-athletes". They wanted "social-Karate". They wanted "kiddie-Karate". These Hard-Fist, Hard-Hand Push-Button Dim-Mak secrets were NOT made for "sport".

They were gathered together for
the LETHAL-SURVIVAL of our students.

Does this make sense?

They call me "The Speed-Man" because I've been clocked at doing 16+ hits per second by Black Belt magazine [Oct, 1994]

And I've been clocked at 18.3 hits per second by The Sports Training Institute.

A few years back we developed "Secrets of Speed-Hitting: how-to-hit a man 11 times, or more, in one second or less".

We did help a lot of martial arts athletes with those materials.

Then, a number of years ago, one of the "elders" of a rare Korean (ì¡°ì" ) Tang-Su [당수] dim-mak style taught me a simple "Hard-Hand-Method" technique that absolutely was devastatingly-effective.

It was contrary to any martial skill I'd been taught.

I thought he was crazy until I used his method "gently" on one of my students.

With a gentle-tap, to a tiny-spot, it knocked him "cold". I used it with another student in a "gentle-manner" and he dropped to the ground with a snapped rib.

I've always been used to "bruises, blood and bones" in my martials arts, but this was something different. Something much more powerful. Something almost evil in it's striking effectiveness.

I loved it!

Back then I had no clue what it was, but it was simple and powerful.

  • Touch a person a special way, they became stupid.
  • Touch them another way, and their spine broke.
  • Touch them a slightly different way and they collapsed to their knees.

In many cases it was as simple as pressing the push-button on a can of shaving cream. It was nasty to say the least.

Today I call it "the Forbidden-points, Push-Button Dim-Mak".

Many of my Black Belts call it "The Forbidden Dark-Side" of Speed-Hitting.

A few years back, a friend of my father came to me. He was a single-man, and he'd go to bars to find companionship. To find a date. Or to go to dinner with a date. Sometimes another guy was looking at the same lady to date and would beat him up.

He didn't know what to do. And he did NOT want to spend 6 months to a couple of years learning a system of self-defense. He wanted something very-effective right now.

I took 5 minutes and taught him a simple Push-Button Dim Mak tactic technique that was fairly safe, but would drop the guy in a second.

3 months later I get a call. "Doc, It worked great. Thank you."

Tommy Conners was a 3rd degree black belt in San Su. He came to us to learn how-to-fight faster, and more powerfully. He liked to ride motorcycles, lift heavy weights. He started running around with bikers-gangs.

I get a call from him. "Doc, what do I do? I've been hired as a bouncer in a biker's bar, and these guys get drunk and mean. What will work on them? I need something 'fast', 'simple' and 'very-effective'."

I gave him a simple Push-Button tactic that uses the tactics of "surprise", "covertness", "speed-accelerators", and will drop him to the ground instantly...but will NOT kill unless you are off-target 1 inch.

Two weeks later I get another call. "Damn Doc, he dropped like I was killing flies! Thank you so much! They all respect me now."

He Thought He Could Throw
Me---But I'd Learned Dim-Mak from Doc!

Johnny, a Jujitsu student [BJJ] came to us. He could not win. Almost everyone was stronger than him, and could pin him almost every time.

One of my black belts showed him a simple "energy-robbing" "push-button" tactic that literally and instantly robs a muscle of all of its strength for five to seven seconds.

  • More than enough time to escape, or "get them".

  • They would not even feel it.
  • They would not even know they were "spotted".
  • They would never know how he escaped.
  • Johnny started winning.
  • He started gaining confidence.
  • And he never told them what he was doing.

It was "our" little secret.

Here's the Dark Side.

It is easy to use Push-Button Dim-Mak for Destructive purposes.

One of our clients was a "criminal". We did not know it but he was an ex-con, and had spent 2 years in prison for "dealing drugs".

To us, he put on a fake-face. He seemed "nice" and was very "polite". He dressed good. Wore expensive clothes, and came across the right way. Before we knew it he had 5 accounts of Assault And Battery against him, using our Push-Button Dim-Mak. He was a sadistic bully...and delighted in pushing-others around.

We knew we had made a mistake. We banned him from the studio. He continued beating folks up. He is now serving time for another case of Assault and Battery. He just "likes" to hurt other folks. He's sadistic.

Here's the problem we face.

If a person is a bully, or sadistic, or psychotic, they can easily destroy lives.

If someone is not sane, it is easy to use these powerful Push-Button Dim-Mak Spotting points in a destructive manner to others in our society.

Okay. I know that most Black Belts just refuse to believe that this type of power and ability exists in the martial arts. They think, that since they do NOT know them, they do not exist.

Remember...I can't be pulling your leg. The entire martial arts community is watching. And the very few that know a little of these secrets are furious with me for deciding to share them with anyone.

The only way I know it is I was personally taught this by an old Korean Elder that did it to me. Because I "experienced it", I knew it worked. Then I taught it to my private students. They know it works.

One of my full-contact champions, Norman Nall [5 Time Senior Heavy-Weight Full-Contact Champion, ret.], knows it works...and he used it once, in the arena.

At one of his matches in the Bahamas, he gently "spotted" someone "right", and then he had to hold him upright until the opponent had regained his strength. Norman had to "carry" his opponent for 3-rounds.


If you are not willing to do your part, and keep these Forbidden Push-Button Dim-Mak spotting points only for yourself and for your "sane" and "ethical" students, please do NOT get them.

These advanced Speed-Hitting Push-Button Dim-Mak secrets are so down-to-earth, and devastatingly workable, we want you to keep them secret.

You and I both know there are some real MEAN PEOPLE that want to push-others-around, and intimidate them at will. They will want to stomp others because of some perceived "slight" that any sane person will just ignore.

And, you MUST be of legal adult age to obtain these secrets of Push-Button Dim-Mak.

In fact, to participate, you must agree to NEVER divulge these Forbidden Push-Button Nerve Spotting secrets to anyone unless you know they are sane, ethical and law-abiding.

Why You Are NOT Going To Get
This Training Anywhere Else on the Planet!

All modesty aside, you are not getting this quality Push-Button Secrets anywhere else on the planet.

Here's why. They do not know it. They'll "say" they know it then teach you a simple jujitsu submission hold that has none of these secrets. Or they'll teach you a simple atemi wrist-lock and declare that to be "the secret". There is much more then that!

Once you learn them, you can start noticing where to use these Push-Butting tactics gently when teaching others. You will notice overnight when to use them ethically and effectively.

It doesn't matter if you are a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.
It doesn't matter if you've been certified in Chinese Kung-fu.

It doesn't matter if you are a Jujitsu Black Belt, or an MMA trained fighter.

And, it doesn't matter if you still think that these High Speed-Hitting Push-Button Dim-Mak "spotting-tactics" work, or not.

Just like "gravity" does not care if you believe in it. You jump off a cliff believing you can fly, you still fall to your death.

Nope. The ONLY thing that that you have these Forbidden Push-Button Dim-Mak secrets so you can use them. So that you can teach them to your students. So that you can train your loved ones in them. That's what really matters.

Kizeme (æ°—æ"»ã‚) is a Japanese term describing the advanced form of seme when a martial artist has succeeded in causing shift in the mind (attention) of the opponent. Master's at that stage takes the offensive mainly through Ki, succeeding in disconcerting the opponent via KI-projection and at much higher skill level without visible gesture. Though a gesture moves their meridian energies much faster and better than thought-moves-energy
Kizeme is act of combat predominance and should be regarded in contrast to ordinary levels of combat in which the awareness of the practitioners is limited to the most directly perceptible elements: speed, strength and sheer aggressiveness.
Kizeme is depicted as the perfect skill in martial art, where non-violence is still an artifice that can be detected and exploited to dismiss the naturally embedded aggression in the ego and reach harmony â€" the state of Muga-mushin.

I'm Spilling The Beans in Public.

Okay. You know I'm worried. What worries me is that some criminally abusive person might use the Forbidden Push-Button secrets for evil they can have the glory of this type of POWER for themselves out of Ego-needs, and Power-Trips.

Look. I know the Dark-Side can be seductive. Some times people get angry and do things they would not do when "normal".

They want to beat-up the class sparring champion.

They want to take the bully to the ground, and whomp on him.

They see the bully in the bar intimidating others, and they want to defend the others.

It's Easy To Cause
Harm With These Tactics

Because of that, 2 of the 8 DVD's are teaching Advanced Energy Methods for your own sanity.

They also go over the legal aspects that you MUST know to avoid jail if you must use them.

We put Advanced-Mental-Training processes into the Push-Button Nerve Cavity course so that you will not fall victim to Push-Button Dim-Mak's seductive you learn those Push-Button skills.

You no longer need strive to be the HARDEST KICKER. In fact if you cannot kick at all, you can still easily learn the Forbidden-Points and simple easy ways to activate them.

Or the STRONGEST person with the BIGGEST MUSCLES. In fact, for those that understand Push-Button Dim-Mak, those with big muscles are the easiest to take down.

You don't need to be able to wrap your own legs around your neck...or kick someone in the face...because flexibility has nothing to do with Push-Button Dim-Mak.

I boiled down over 365 Spotting points into 149 points of Dim-Mak Escalation...going from "gentle" to "instant-survival".

That's All You Need!

Okay. Enough background. Let me tell you what you are going to be learning on these "special" Push-Button Dim-Mak guerrilla DVD's.

"The Dark-Side of The Forbidden Push-Button Dim-Mak Training is now available for a limited time."

Here's a BIG secret no one else will tell you. Just by watching these DVD's and reading the will instantly learn 50 to more than 150 Master-Keys that will turbocharge your current martial art (without affecting anything else).

With more PURE POWER...PURE SPEED...PURE PUSH-BUTTON DIM-MAK SKILLS than you ever believe you could have. That's another benefit right there.

You will also learn the simple secrets of never being pushed around, or beaten again. You will have a secret-edge, that no one knows about. This Push-Button Dim-Mak set gives you real skills to protect yourself without having to be an MMA fighter. How you can quickly and easily find your OWN best Dim-Mak approaches to dealing with someone that is sadistic and brutal to others.

Is this making sense?

Here are some of the Dark-Side Push-Button Secrets on those 8 DVD's.


"No One is As Tough As They Think They Are!"

When we did scientific Muscle-testing on our own clients, even the ones that believed they could defend themselves...deep down they could not hurt someone else.

Out of our school of 129 folks, only 19 could actually "intend-to-hurt" another.

And, they all consciously "believed" they could hurt another. There were blocks in there inner-mind that would NOT allow them to defend themselves.

So on this DVD we "install" real self-defense into their minds first...then we teach them Push-Button Dim-Mak.

One fellow loved this Dark Side so much that he because a professional bounty-hunter. Before that training he could not win a fight.

You change the inner-man,
You automatically change the outer-man!

You then have the "choice" to defend yourself with the Forbidden Push-Button Secrets, or to walk-off.

Then we teach you to perceive what he's going to do and how to do it to him before he can do it to you...using Push-Button Spotting points that every "touch" takes them down.

We go over and help install Kizeme [see box on page 7], the "fighting-spirit", using Energy-Psychology and Advanced Belief Change processes. SO you become MORE than you think possible.

On this DVD we take a young lady and install the courage of a Bruce Lee into her. Then we show the class how-to-install that courage into themselves. We teach that 3 different ways, so you can easily choose the best one for you.

You also learn 149 specific Dim-Mak Push-Button points and simple methods to activate instantly.

DVD #2: Day 1, DVD 2: We start out with "Hard-Fist Dim-mak" tools.
  • How to make the Hard-Fist-weapon.
  • How to use the Hard-Fist-weapon.
  • Cautions in using the weapon so your power does not injure them too much.
  • So you learn the secrets of ratcheting-down you powers so you "control" instead of maim and injure.
  • And to ratchet them up if you want more power.
  • How your fist should never be used and what to do instead.Then Hard-Shuto Dim-Mak is taught...
  • tools for practicing effectively are taught.
  • Methods of "hand-invisibility" are taught.
  • Covert tactics of deception are taught.
  • Surprise methods are taught.
  • Hand-Speed secrets are taught.
  • How to make you own home-dim-mak practice-shield is taught.
  • How to make your body SOLID so when you DIM-MAK Block, they bounce back. They hit your block and RECOIL!

    When to use "soft-dim-mak", and when to use HARD-DIM-mak.

    Hidden stealth Master-Keys of Push-button Dim-mak for massive target destruction.

    You cannot get Push-Button Dim-Mak by hitting soft targets. Though hitting soft-targets is better than hitting air. But not much better. What to do instead to acquire Hard-Hand and Hard-shuto [knife-hand].
  • These Hard-Fist, hard-hand secrets are NOT what you are taught in Kenpo Karate.
  • They are NOT what you are taught in Taekwon-do.
  • They are NOT what you are taught in Kung-Fu.
  • They are NOT what you are taught in MMA.
  • They are NOT what you are taught in Brazilian Jujitsu.
  • They are different.No one else knows them.

    Without the hard-fist you are worthless in hitting Push-Button Dim-Mak points.

    Without the hard-hand you are worthless in hitting Push-Button Dim-Mak points.

    We had a "form" student.

    He got into a fight in a bar. He had NOT practiced Hard-Fist Dim-Mak, or Hard-hand Dim-Mak. He was over-confident, because he had been punching air, and never fought for real.

    He hit the guy 5 times with his "karate-form-hands". He did not budge the fellow one bit.
  • The guy, who was twice his size,
  • Picked him up.
  • Crushed him.
  • Threw him to the ground.
  • Then stomped on his head 3 times,
  • Cutting the skull,
  • face and head,
  • Knocking him out.
  • Leaving him broken, bloody and bruised.

    I gave him a "healing formula". He healed very quickly. He was then ready to learn Hard-Fist, Hard-Hand Push-Button Dim-Mak. He'd learned his lesson.

    Most folks are hitting with hands that are like marshmallows, or hands that are soft-pillows.

    They break their hands.

    They break their fingers.

    They cannot "stop" their opponent.
  • And more and more [over 40 different flow-waza's are taught on this DVD] Push-Button Dim-Mak targets are taught on DVD #3, without even counting what are on the other 7 DVD.
  • Along with body-mass,
  • Gravitational-marriage,
  • Push-step for best momentum...
  • Using collisional-energies...
  • Dim-Mak Breathing for Internal-Chi-focus...
  • The lost secrets of Internal-Bamboo-Spit-Breath for Speed-Hitting Dim-Mak,
  • And so much more.

    DVD #3: Day 2, DVD 1:

"How To Effectively Turn On FIRE-CHI! How to Stay-Out-of-Jail!"

What you must know about disparage of Force, because what you know right now is WRONG...unless you are a lawyer.

The Dim-Mak Knife, and how-to-use it most effectively.

Push-Button Dim-Mak Invisible-Stealth-Attack Processes.

Speed-Dim-Mak on Multiple-opponents.

  • The REAL Secrets of SOLID-BODY-SHIFTING for power.
  • NO! It is not the very dumb Neutral-Bow of EP Kenpo.
  • That type of rigidity STOPS your speed.
  • It stops your MOMENTUM.
  • It stops your body's 9-energy-flows.
  • Over time it literally destroys the body's immune system.
  • It reduces your intelligence up to 80%. Do NOT do that neutral-bow.
  • How to get good at Dim-Mak Spotting.
  • How to increase the target size so that if it is the size of a quarter, it is now the size of a basketball. It is then very easy to hit.

"You become the Man Who Can Never Miss!"

Why You MUST NOT Practice Hitting Air!

REAL Secrets of Tiger-Claw Dim-Mak that no one knows.

No Cock-fu allowed, ever! [Karate hip-cocking, EP checking NOT allowed. It is stupid. It is useless.]

Never use obvious stances or attacks anywhere, and what you must do instead.

How-To-Turn on Eye-of-The-Tiger with one simple sentence...

Instant FIRE-CHI ACTIVATION! The "MXXXXX-Fxxxxx-PUNCH" [MFP] and how to use it right now.


    DVD #5: Day 3, DVD 1:

"The Dark-Side of High-Speed Push-Button Pressure-Points & Dim-Mak...and more on staying out of jail!""

How to activate the survival chakra of the body for self-protection.

How to activate the Forbidden-Chakra for Instant FIRE-CHI and WILL-POWER.

You can only activate "Kill or be Killed" FIRE-CHI through first chakra, and through the Forbidden-Chakra... the simple process of doing so, instantly.

That FIRE-CHI process also works for goal-setting, getting belt ranking twice to three times faster, getting shit done instantly in a field...on any project.

"Scientifically Proven &
Scientifically Verified Energy-Processes!"

So many black belts think that they are tough. But it is only a "pretend" skill. And they do NOT know that they cannot perform effectively. They really do NOT know.

Why? Because they have NOT turned on their FIRE-CHI. Without FIRE-CHI, they have no courage when under fire. It's as simple as that.

Secret MENTAL-TRAINING-SECRETS for activating your self-responsibility, so you will choose to do "what is right for you".

The 6 things you MUST KNOW to protect yourself from attorneys and courts, before you act with the use of Push-Button Dim-Mak.

DVD #6: Day 3, DVD 2: What you must know about Law Enforcement. What you must know about the Military. What you don't know will hurt you!

How to use your thoughts to install courage.

How to install in yourself the courage of a Kung-Fu genius.

Why "Concealing Your Treasures" is so IMPORTANT.

What mayhem is, and how to avoid that problem.

The exact words you must say to stop a fight.

The exact words you must say to the police officer.

DVD #7: Day 4, DVD 1: Secrets of the Forbidden Hard-Weapons of Push-Button Dim-Mak. Natural Weapons are mostly WRONG. What to do instead.

Scientifically Testing of Hard-Fist versus Karate fist. Why the Hard-fist is best.

How the karate-hand-sword is worthless. How to make a Hard-hand that destroys the chosen targets.

Why most Kenpo Karate hands and most Kung-Fu hands will only break YOUR fingers...and what to do instead.

How to practice Hard-Hands so you do not hurt yourself.

The Secret Flower-Hand, that looks woman-like, but is more solid than any Karate block, or Karate blow.

The Secret of the lao-gong and how to use it most effectively.

How to take their brain and turn them "stupid" instantly using the "Dim-Mak-Stupid-points".

The Advanced Eagle-Claw-
Dim-Mak Tactics.

How-to-shoot Destructive Chi through the target to any limb, organ, on Dim-Mak Spotting Point that you choose.

DVD #8: Day 4, DVD 2: Two Simple Push-Button Dim-Mak Drills you can hit anybody with.

How to use the ground to generate massive Dim-Mak Powers.

The invisible energies of body-mass and how-to-use them unseen.

Putting all the Dim-Mak Push-Button Master-Keys Together.

Activating Dim-Mak targets from many angles and many directions easily and effortlessly.

Using Chi-Flows for best
Dim-Mak Speed-Hitting activation.

  • The Continuous Hard-Hand Dim-mak drill that gives you the speed of a Kung-fu Master, and the power of the Hulk.
  • 29 more Speed-Flow Dim-Mak drills that enhance your Push-Button Dim-Mak Forbidden Points most effectively.
  • The Secret Tools of Dim-Mak activation that nobody knows.
  • More secrets of distraction,
  • Deception, unexpected, unknown, surprise, Zero-Perception,
  • Speed-Accelerators, Power-Accelerators, Pain Magnifiers, and Pain Multipliers,

    • And the list goes on and on.

The Dark-Side of The Forbidden Push-Button Dim-Mak course is now available for a limited time!

So, what is ALL THAT worth?

Frankly, I think we should demand $10,000.00 for this very valuable leading-edge information.

But as a practical matter, I know only a small number would easily be shared at that price. Nor are we greedy. Nor do I need to release them at all. All of that works in your favor.

For the moment, you can acquire the 8 DVD's and MANUALS made from the 4-day seminars for just $599.00.

I intend to price them no less than $1,450.00 after this exclusive offer expires in 10 days.


By acting now, you save! Here's what I recommend you do... Pick Which Option Works Best For You!.

Option #1: "Get Power of the Dark-Side of Dim-Mak Training! All Digitally Sent To You!"
List Price: $1450.00
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Option #3:
"Get Power of the Dark-Side of Dim-Mak Training! all sent to your door step AND get Power of the Dark-Side of Dim-Mak Training! all digitally!"
List Price: $2,900.00 = 1450+1450
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Special Announcement! (Bad News)

This Dark-Side Push-Button Dim-Mak set is very unique.

And it is available until Dec. 31, 2016.

At that time, it goes off the market. If you are one of the thousands of people who have benefited from one of our programs, you know that one thing is true---I mean what I say.

So trust me, I'm as serious as a heart attack. You will NOT see this program after Sept. 31, 2015.

This Push-Button Dim-Mak set is being sold under the following conditions:

You must fill out the form on my link agreeing to use the Push-Button Dim-Mak processes ethically.

Bottom line---no one gets this program unless you agree to use it for defense only. [If you are in Law Enforcement, or Active Military, different rules apply to you.]

If your version of a good defense is a good offense, you must take full responsibility for it.

1. This course does not have our usual money back guarantee. In fact, you may not return the course for any reason. We will replace damaged or defective DVD's for you at no charge, of course.

The reason we have taken this unusual approach is that the only people that should be purchasing this course are those that already know me, know about Speed-Hitting, know about our very high skill-level.

If you know that, you already know how good our materials are and you probably can't wait to get this Push-Button Dim-Mak Course.

This course is simple EXPLOSIVE-DYNAMITE. The temptation for people to do most anything to get it will be very high. Our no return policy on this course insures we are keeping the materials away from those unscrupulous enough to try to obtain it unethically.

I am worried about criminals using The Forbidden Push-Button Dim-Mak to eliminate their criminal-competition, and to hurt good folks unethically.

This Push-Button Dim-Mak materials are priceless. No doubt about it. And it is worth its weight in gold.

During the 4 days of filming these DVD's I watched the Awe of the Black Belts. These folks went from being just interested, to high excitement, then on to "scared and stunned". They couldn't even imagine that such power was being revealed to them and was being put into their hands.

In fact, everyone at the 4-day event are the ones that are clamoring for its release. We overloaded their brains again and again.





"Let me Ethically Bribe You!"

The following are more than $850 dollars worth FREE BONUSES Push-Button Dim-Mak rare materials, for the first 159 folks to get the 8 DVD, 4 day event.


$100 Manual #1: The Hanshi's Secret NOTES on High-Speed Push-Button Dim-Mak.

This is my own handwritten notes I took from the 8 DVD's.

Folks, I am very fast. I am faster than the eye-can-follow, even for me watching those DVD's.

So to help you perceive what I did when on "Automatic-SPEED-Dim-Mak Flow", I wrote-out/outlined every Push-Button technique on those DVD's. Why? Because even my long-time black belts cannot see most of the moves.

So this hand-written manual is priceless.


$100 Manual #2: What Cops Do NOT Tell YOU, but you MUST KNOW!

I did research on the internet and got the most recent and updated legal materials on legal-self-defense. These priceless materials go over what you MUST know before you defend yourself.

Secrets of making your defensive skills MORE legal and MORE reasonable in the "eyes-of the cop" and in the "eyes of the law".

I was sued for $400,000.00 dollars a few years back because a crook lied and "said" I'd threatened him. Guess what will happen when you actually whomp-on-a-criminal? Criminals lie.

Yes, those materials are covered in both the DVD's and this manual. What to say. What to do. How to cover-your-own butt, just "in case". Worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Secrets that your karate trainer, and ever the cop on the street, don't know.


$49.95 Manual #3: Ancient Death Blows & How they work.

This manual is very updated from the "death-blow" manual that was taken out of publication in 1904. This is the LOST [actually HIDDEN] section of vital blows, as well as the HIDDEN Section on resuscitation.

The author stated "These methods have been considered to be of a somewhat less practical value because SUCH VIOLENT TACTICS were no longer deemed necessary in our 'peaceful' world".

I have added to them much details from "healing energies & meridian therapies" to bring them more up-to-date for today's world.


$200 manual: The REAL Science Behind Sledge hammer Blows, The SECRET & Forgotten Martial Science of IRON-FIST & IRON-PALM.


$349.97 worth of REAL "Poison-Hand" secrets...this is a DVD set I released a few years back.

Powerful stuff. Poison-hands teaches Death-Blows, Nerve Cavity-Cavity Strikes, and "stun-points".

Though I'm worried that you will decide that it's more fun to simple strike at someone with a Dark-Side Push-Button Dim-Mak strike...instead of simply using "reason" and "logic" and "patience" to fix the issue.


$50 Manual: "Secrets of Mana [vital-energy] Generators ...Scientific Muscle-Testing...and how to contact Your Own Secret-Self...Successfully!

Much of these scientific Energy-Secrets were learned at the First European Energy Psychology Conference in Zurich Switzerland, in July of 2001.

Other aspects were learned from Dr. Richard Bandler, and John Grinder, the 2 founders of NLP.

Special "Thanks" go to David Feinstein PhD, Donna Eden [the founder of Energy Medicine], John Diepold PhD [the founder of EFFT] Alan Handleman MS [The founder of the Resonance Tuner Card] and Daniel Benor MD & PhD [the founder of the WHEE Method of Psycho-Therapy].

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John La Tourrette
Hanshi I Chi Mu Speed-Hitting Dim-Mak
PhD Sports Psychology

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