• Inability to sustain attention on tasks or activities
  • Procrastination
  • Disorganized work habits
  • Forgetfulness in daily activities (for example, missing appointments, forgetting to bring lunch)
  • Get distracted easily and forget things often
  • Switch too quickly from one activity to the next
  • Have trouble with directions
  • Have trouble finishing tasks like homework or chores
  • Be very impatient
  • Blurt out inappropriate comments
  • Have trouble controlling their emotions.

If so, then we can probably help you. We have a Kahuna Tool of Power™ THAT HELPS with your healing energies, and with your thinking energies, and that has helped a lot of other folks, instantly with a health issue.
Let me tell you about one of our clients.
Darren Van Lehn used to get one bad flu after another, every winter. It was bad enough that he couldn’t get out of bed. Bad enough that he’d miss a week of work.

  • Then every month, during the winter months his sinuses were clogged shut,
  • and he literally could not breathe through his nose. He became a mouth breather.
  • He’d lose a week’s worth of work. He would feel like he had concrete blocks hanging from his forehead.
  • His nose felt like it was stuffed with dirty socks.
  • He was coughing up and spitting snot and sinus-mucus throughout the day.


  • It helps with Colds
  • It helps with Radioactive Fallout
  • It helps with Nasal Congestion
  • It helps with Excess Exposure to Medical Radiation
  • It helps with flu symptoms

Just hold the “New & Improved-Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™ in the palm chakra of the right hand, and YOU will immediately know the different.

Even untrained ‘sensitive’s’ can easily feel the energy running in the palm, down to their middle finger tip, swirling around, and then shooting up that left hand/wrist/arm and into their body!”

So what is The Brand New & Improved Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™ for?

  • To help you focus your body’s 9 energy systems work more efficiently, faster and better for your awareness, your health, and your vitality!
  • To increase the “realness” of your “thought-forms”!
  • To increase the “realness” of your Energy Balls!
  • To increase the strength and power of your Energy Balls!
  • The Kahuna Energy Disk is a tool to help your immune system function more effectively.
  • The Kahuna Energy Disk has a special “vibration” that certain psychic (Edgar Cayce) knew are conducive to enhancing your health.
  • To help transduce energy faster and easier, in a more healthy way for your body’s immune system.

Do you have any of the following problems?

Okay. This will help you understand “why” The Kahuna Energy Disk” Works so well. The body has 7 PRIMARY Energy Chakras.

One of the functions of these Energy Chakras is to “transduce” (convert) esoteric energies in such a way that they can be used by the physical body and all of its 9 energy fields.

The first Chakra goes from the bottom of the groin area and has a vortex of energy that goes down into the earth and grounds you. It is your grounding and SURVIVAL chakra!

  • It  helps “ground” your bodies energies better with the Earth’s energies.
  • It  helps “recharge” your bodies energies with the Proper Earth Energies.

You can connect and recharge by just using the Kahuna Tools of Power in the way Doc specifies for 1 to 2 minutes. When you are NOT grounded that means that your body’s energy polarity is reversed (That is like putting the batteries of your flashlight in backwards).
This “energy-disconnect” causes many problems, physically, emotionally and mentally.
You can become instantly Neurologically disorganized.
That means: The central nervous system scrambles and misinterprets nerve impulses.

  • Your vision is worse. Your hearing is worse.
  • Your balance is horrible.
  • You are not centered or grounded.
  • You accidentally get what you DON’T want out of life.

And you will also have a psychology reversal:  That is a tendency toward unconsciously motivated outcomes that are the REVERSE of the client’s consciously held goals undermines the treatment

When stress or other factors prevent the energies in the nervous system from reconstituting, day after day, year after year, the habitual disorganization detracts from a person’ resilience, clarity of mind, and overall health.

Common symptoms are:

  • Faltering when attempting to say what you mean. You cannot access your speaking voice.
  • You stutter.
  • Confusing left and right sides. You bump into doorways. You bump into the corners of tables, desks and furniture.
  • When you think you are turning left, you turn right instead.
  • Difficulties with spatial orientation. When reaching for a glass, you accidentally knock it over. You bump cups over when you reach for them. You knock Pepsi cans off the table accidentally.
  • Reversing letters and numbers.  The medical doctor will call you mentally retarded, ADHD or ADD.
  • You spell words wrong.
  • You get telephone numbers reversed.
  • Restricted arm swing or Homolateral arm/leg movement (left arm moves with left leg, right with right) when walking, and you seem to be a klutz, or even retarded.
  • You look like a penguin when walking.
  • Significant awkwardness and clumsiness.
  • Arms are swinging in reverse, right arm forward with right leg forward; left arm forward with left leg forward. Etc.
  • Your immune system may be over 50% to 80% shut-down.
  • Your cognitive (thinking abilities) can be down about 80%. (Energy Medicine Clinical, Phoenix, AZ, Class notes, 2011)
  • You cannot follow directions. Someone tells you “up” you move “down”. They say “turn right” you will turn “left” and believe that you turned right!
  • It actually does help the immune system, and the grounding of the body in a positive way that helps physical health, and the immune system and the “thinking” functions of the brain.
  • Helps Emotional effects. 
  • Helps Anger, emotional exhaustion, resentments, etc., alter body chemistry through glandular secretions. (We will make some allusion to these effects.)
  • Helps Circulation or organ-system effects. 
  • Helps problems caused by in-coordination of the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nervous systems, of elimination-assimilation or the body's general metabolism.

Results of Imbalance:  Without becoming too involved in a technical, chemical and physiological discussion, we will take a look at two results of imbalance: The Cayce readings suggest time after time that acidity can result in a congestion and a cold if conditions are otherwise favorable. Physiologically, balance or imbalance is reflected in acidity detectable by litmus (blue) testing of the saliva and the urine.

How to use: (video shows how simple it is to use the Kahuna Energy Disk (with humor ofcourse :-)

(NOTE: The Specific Instructions are included in the Energy Package)

Doing that will INSTANTLY HELP “GROUND” your body’s energies into the earth and help reconnect you with your healing energies which can help with your immune system.

14 years ago Dr. La Tourrette made the first Kahuna Energy Disk™ for himself, his family members and his clients.
 “One specific energy-style” really stood out as its power and energy were restored as if it had been restored by a fire hose.

Doc released a BRAND NEW Kahuna Energy disk™ which has been renamed (because of the interesting new energies, and focus of those energies)the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™”.

Here are some important facts about the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™”.

  • One side of the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™” actually has an indentation in it that helps to activate certain energies...
  • …and the other side has a special “energy-nipple”.
  • And more importantly those modifications helps directionalize the flow of the energy of the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™”.
  • Imagine a grenade. When a grenade goes off its meant to blow up in a 360 degree sphere, from the ground up.
  • It’s sort of like a “scatter-bomb” for assisting your immune system, with NO WORK or EFFORT on your part!
  • And the force is tremendous as long as the target is close. It really does get the job done.
  • But imagine you put that grenade in a thick steel tube that will “aim” the shot...
  • Now it’s turned into a rocket launcher and is much more effective, accurate and powerful. Then it will work with almost pin-point accuracy.

That’s exactly what the New and Improved “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™” does. Now it works with laser-like accuracy, rather than just exploding outwards in all directions. (Which, still works really, really well)

The difference between the grenade and the rocket launcher is like the difference between night and day. You can test it for yourself. As soon as you put the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™” into your left hand you’ll instantly notice the energy vibrations, the tingling sensations and the energy swirls going into your palm, fingers and arm; helping to re-charge you instantly.

Can anyone be harmed by this?


How is that possible? It is possible because construction and material is an energy filter. This filter helps cancel out some of the negative energies, as it heightens your immune system by activating other positive energies.

There are NO negative effects. It is NOT a magnet…but something much more powerful energetically.

I personally took out my older Kahuna energy™ disk and compared it “energy-wise” to the brand New and Improved “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™”. I now only carry the “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™” at all times.  I have placed in a sacred spot the old Kahuna Energy disk because I love it also, but I LOVE the New and Improved “nipple-disk™” MORE.
The reason I am writing to you right now is if you want to have better energies you might want to get the brand New and Improved “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™”.

  • If you want better health,
  • better energies,
  • and better thinking,
  • with no work on your part, you might want to get one so you can check it out for yourself, and know how good it works, or not.

Because you are the only one that will know how great it works, and that is by using it.

You’re probably wondering what the New and Improved “Energy Nipple™” is going to cost?

Doc is celebrating being with his lovely wife Lynn for forty-one years. To celebrate that special day, he is giving an “anniversary discount” to all that order within the next 10 days.

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    There are a couple of reasons for him doing that.

    • It can be a “spar”, just like you carry a spare tire in your car.
    • Or you could possibly share it with a loved one that can use it also.

  • Or you can be like me and Doc and use 2 of them at the same time.
  • That means a “Kahuna Energy Nipple-Disk™” in both of your front pockets.-)


BONUS #2: Doc is giving away the following $97 bonus, that is ONLY for the first 32 folks that “get this current” Kahuna Tool of Power.
“FREE ADDITION $97 BONUS”: The “Kung-Fu Mind” Energy Process.

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It is a simple energy process that only takes 2 seconds to help re-align all your energy systems, and works with the energies of the Kahuna Tool of Power™”.

The simple step by step process is very easy to follow. You practice it 5 times, and then it works for you whenever you want better balance, energy-flow, thinking ability, and coordination.

It also helps with your physical grounding, your mental grounding and your spiritual connection to higher sources.
Here’s what a few other energy workers say about the Kahuna Tools of Power:

But there is MORE!
Afraid of RADIOACTIVITY Since the Melt-Down in Japan? If so, The Kahuna Energy Disk even helps stimulate the thyroid, which is cool for those of us on the West Coast experiencing that "non-existent" radioactivity from the Japanese melt down, a couple of years back.

The Kahuna Energy Disk is Great for Grounding, for centering...And when you know the "MIND-TOOLS OF POWER" that go with it, you can do mind-magic that about no one on the planet knows about.

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We Love you folks. And I “thank you very much” for helping Doc celebrate his “anniversary Energy Package”.

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