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"Secrets of
A Hard Target!"

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"Secrets of How TO Be A Hard Target" is Something your Going to LOVE!

Imagine walking in a room of people and without even saying one word the entire room would (Feel) You come in?

The energy you gave off would instantly make people feel INSTANT RESPECT for you.

Now, Many people have come up and told me stories about the exact opposite happening...

Their story might sound
close to yours..

Imagine for a second walking to a night club or bar and you feel something 'weird' ..

Almost like someone is going to attack you?

Im sure you've felt that before?

Heck, You probably got in a fight type situation that night too?

And the reason for it is HUGE

Its learning how to Frame yourself NOT as a Victim and More like a B.A.M.F.

If you don't know what that means it Basically Means Bad. Ass. Mother Fuc#er.

And its true.

There are certain ways to change what you do on the side that will affect people on the outside.

And their are Certain Things to do on the Outside that will affect you internally as well!

People who know these "Secrets on How To Become a Hard Target" Won't ever have to deal with getting Shit from people again.

One of the reasons why is because on this Course I actually give away one of my Most Lethal Techniques, that once you learn it you'll have so much damn confidence no one will ever Fuc# with you Again.

And if they do screw with you for one reason or another I'll show you how to shut them down instantly!

I'm sure you've meet one of those guys before...That you just look at and go "FUC#, I would Not Want to Mess With Him"

Imagine If I could give you that same Energy?

What would it feel like?

What could you do with that?

For instance let me tell you a true story about my Son.

He's 28 and been doing martial arts since he could walk.

he's 6'1 and 179lbs just Pure Bone and Muscle (He reminds me how a Panther Moves)

Well He was at This brand New event that I just filmed 2 weeks ago and he enjoys going out and having fun.

My son if you don't know him Walks like he's 10 foot tall and bullet proof.

Well the other night someone tried to take him out.

He was walking into a local grocery store and he drives a Hummer. And No its not one of those sissy H3 Hummers either.

Anyways as he was walking in and this huge 6'3 270lb man with a prison Nazi Tattoo on his Calf comes out and see's my son and gives him a little sign of respect and moves on for a split second.

Then he notices my son just came out of a Hummer (its the only other vehicle in the parking lot.)

The man immediately goes to his Van and grabs a weapon and stalks my son and waits for my son to turn his back.

well my son was aware enough to see everything happen, and basically waited for him to make the wrong move.

And as soon as the Man made his move my Son Turned And Faced Him and the man literally Froze in one spot and mouthed the words... "Owww Fuc#" That Night the DVD course I am talking about Saved my Sons Life...

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