How To Hack Your Mental Training In 24 Hours Or Less!

"How To Hack Your
Mental Training In 24 Hours
Or Less!"

"Simple Hacks To Get What You Want
By Doing Less!"

"Doc's MIND-HACKING-SECRETS are so $ucking SCARY, They Will Probably GET-HIM-BANNED From His Professions... BUT, Doc's Mind Hack Secrets WORK So DAMN GOOD They Need To Re-Write The Teaching Book!" A+++

Master Jack
5th Degree Black Belt
Author - Coach - Speaker

Jeff Johnson
2nd Degree Aikido Black Belt
Warner Brothers Studio
(This Dude drew Spider Man, Iron Man, And Currently Working on New Transformers
I don't care how confident you think you are.....If you don't Know These MIND-Hacking-Secrets,
YOU...ARE... MISSING OUT! Right now, You're basically paddleing across the ocean in a Kayak, When you could be Changing the Game and Flying in G4 Airplane.

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I Highly Recommend Dr. John La Tourrette Mental Training!"

Logan Christopher
Strong Man - Author
(Dr. John Is The Teachers of Teachers, He Taught Logan Mental Training)

"Dr John and Master Jack Helped me Drop over 102lbs in 5 Months WITHOUT Working Out Or Changing What I was Eating...
It was ALL Mental!"

Joe Tsarnas - Accountant

I Don't Care if you are a Multi-Degree Black Belt with 35 years in the martial arts... And Can bend horeshoes with your hand like logan, or a Rookie, or experienced fighter... This is a once in a life-time opportunity to
POWER-HACK YOUR Mental-Training In
24 Hours or Less!

Inside Of This NEW BOOK You'll Discover The Results To These PROVEN MIND-HACKS:

  • How To Instant Increase Your Energy! Or Your wifes Energy Or Decreease your boss Energy! Mind Hack (Page 141)
  • How To become Instantly MASTERFUL at anything you put your Mind-Hacks Too! (Page 66)
  • "You" VS "Getting What You Want" - Whats Holding You Back and how to Mind HACK It To Get What you want! (Page 76)
  • MIND-HACK-Your-Confidence Overnight and Let me do it for YOU on Autopilot (Page 14)

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